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Terms and Conditions


1. ENTRADASMADRID LTD offers through its Web site, purchasing show tickets, which will be held in accordance with these terms and conditions.

2. The Web Site and the ticketing system on that page is managed by:
Registration No. 105497
1 / 5 Irish Town, ICOM HOUSE, second floor


A) Responsibility for shipments
In all arrangements involving third parties, the owner of the website will act only as agent for the client and no liability of whatever nature rest with the owner of the site in relation to or obey the agreement with third parties.
The website owner will not be liable for failure of the Postal Service or other delivery services have been contracted to make delivery on time.
The website owner is not responsible for loss or theft of items while they are in the process of delivery by mail or other delivery services employed to perform the delivery of such items.
While taking all necessary measures to ensure the tickets arrive in time to the agreed destination, in case of failure in the supply of tickets by the Post Office or courier companies hired the owner of the website will not be responsible such a situation. If the error is the owner of the web, your liability will totally refund the amount paid by the customer.
The owner of the website acts as an intermediary in your name before the actual suppliers of services. Although we try to pass on any claim that you have, our liability to you will be restricted to the supplier s policy and is limited to the service and amount billed.
- Delivery of tickets to individuals or companies
When a customer buys tickets for an event and wants us to deliver them to a private home or company, we understand that this address is reliable and that allowing delivery to any member living at the address for the client. Thus, when performed correctly delivery, whichever is later will be entirely your responsibility.
- Delivery of tickets to hotels
When a customer buys tickets for an event and wants us to deliver them at a hotel lobby, we understand that this address is reliable and that authorizing MRW delivery on the reception given by the customer and in the direction ordered by the client MRW ask the hotel reception or apart-hotel signature or seal as evidence establishing that the submission was successful serving this document as proof that the service is done as requested by the customer.

B) Product liability
The website owner reserves the right to unilaterally modify at any time without notice to the configuration of your website and to change or modify the prices as market policy and to modify existing general contract conditions, reflecting these changes in this legal notice. These changes only affect the contracts entered into after the modifications, under any circumstances be applied retroactively to contracts and perfected.
All sales are final. Once the sale, you can not cancel existing requests.
All ticket packages are subject to availability.
If buying more than one ticket for the same event of any kind whatsoever, can not guarantee that the tickets will be together, although the owner of the website will make every effort to ensure that entries are placed together or as close as possible.
If a sale is made and if the client has the ticket order confirmation of the owner of the site due to the nature of our business there is always the possibility that they can not get tickets or tickets, if that were the case the sole responsibility of the owner of the site would be to return 100% of the amount paid by the customer, giving the tickets may be obtained.
If for any reason the owner of the site could not serve the customer purchased entry category will be given the option price paid or the possibility of replacement by other lower-level entrance or different returning, if the difference of the amount paid.


Deposit / Full Amount
A non-refundable deposit of 100% of the total cost of the booking must be paid when it is accepted. The price paid is the price displayed on the website on the date and time of booking and accepted by the customer at the time of submitting the form online by e-mail. If deadlines are not respected, the owner of the website reserves the right to cancel and reallocate all bookings without prior notice to the customer.

Tickets Prices
Our prices are significantly higher than the face value of tickets. When the customer makes a reservation is explicitly accepting the difference in price over ticket face value due to changes in supply and demand, the degree of difficulty and cost of collection and, more importantly, the cost involved in the sending and delivery of the tickets on time to the agreed directions. The owner of the site communicates to users and customers that the price charged is much higher than the price of the ticket face value, which the client or user accepts. The achievement of tickets for big events is very difficult and expensive and even more so when the venue is sold out, getting tickets causes great expense to the owner of the website which are reflected in the cash price includes the client.


You can purchase our products by making payment by credit card. To make the purchase, the user must insert the data that are requested. You should be aware that approval of the purchase can take several minutes. Please be patient before sending information back and wait at least five minutes.

Payment for this service will be performed online by credit card, accepting only Visa or MasterCard. This service is provided through the system implemented by the company (Bank of xxxxx) one of the most recognized companies in the sector. Thus, the transaction related to your credit card is processed directly by the company so that we will not have access to your credit card details. We guarantee your privacy will not be used for any purpose other than the management of the sale made. The data will be automatically encrypted using the Secure Server Layer (SSL) with a key length of 128 bits.

The user undertakes not to make fraudulent transactions. ENTRADASMADRID LIMITED reserves the right to cancel the operation when you notice irregularities. He warned that any hint of fraud that has brought to the attention of the authorities.


We inform our customers that all our tickets are located in areas of local teams, which prohibited the sale to fans of the opposing team and ask for these not to buy it if they do not comply with the rules of UEFA If you do not heed this warning will make the purchase at your own risk as sanctions are concerned. According to UEFA rules is to ensure the total separation of interests, if this is not true, is punishable by the club and fines and penalties on the company becomes aware that it has sold to unauthorized personnel from opposing fans.

Likewise, manipulation of the inputs is an offense, so any manipulation, price change, name change, etc ..., will be reported and turned over to authorities as well as the power of the club to withdraw different authorization rights to use their tickets to these companies.

According to Article 3 of Directive 97/7/EC, such contracts are the exceptions that the legislation provides for the right of withdrawal.

8. ENTRADASMADRID reserves the right to modify at any time the scope and functions of your Web site, to limit or cancel. Carrying out development work and / or maintenance can limit and / or partially interrupt the usability. ENTRADASMADRID therefore does not assume any guarantee of service availability, engaging in any case try to solve problems as quickly as possible.

and contributors retain all intellectual property rights and other rights to the service as well as relating to content, information, images, audios or videos. Therefore, is expressly prohibited any modification, reproduction, publication, transmission to third parties and / or other use or exploitation of intellectual property available on the Website or on the coupons, without the prior written consent of the contributor ENTRADASMADRID or affected.

10. ENTRADASMADRID may amend these Terms and Conditions when necessary. The current terms of use at any time will be those that are currently available on the website.

11. Should individual provisions of these Terms and Conditions be ineffective in whole or in part shall not affect the effectiveness of the remainder of the contract document.

12. The law applicable to the provision of services shall be governed by the provisions of the existing rules concerning applicable law and jurisdiction. For the resolution of conflicts with users will be competent courts of the user s home. However, for cases in which the legislation envisages the possibility of the parties to submit to a jurisdiction, ENTRADASMADRID and the User, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may apply, submit to the Courts of Gibraltar.